Low Cost Telephone Service: 5 Common Purchases That Cost More than VoIP

by Jennifer Cuellar

Many people all over the world have switched to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) for their landline service because VoIP is reliable, high quality, and easy to use. VoIP is the technology behind Internet telephone service by which service providers send voice messages as digital data between IP addresses through an Internet connection.

With VoIP, it is easy to send a call to any location, across the neighborhood or across the country, for very little cost, which means VoIP telecoms can offer their customers reliable telephone service at extremely low prices.

However, many people may not realize the great savings potential in VoIP service. So for point of comparison, here are five common purchases that cost more than a month of VoIP service. Many of the listed prices are based on Amazon.com averages.

1.) A 12-Pack of Toilet Paper Rolls

A 12-pack of toilet paper rolls, depending on the brand, can cost anywhere from $7 to $12. For example, a 12-pack of Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care costs $6.97. A month of VoIP service may cost as little as $6 to $10 per line. And that low monthly fee usually includes unlimited calling to any number in the US, local or long distance.

2.) A Bottle of Laundry Detergent

On the lower cost end, a 50-ounce bottle of Gain Liquid Detergent costs about $6, while on the higher end, a 69-ounce container of Tide Pods Detergent costs about $20. Doing laundry can be a pain and a hassle, but setting up VoIP residential phone service can be as easy as making a single monthly payment. Setup is as simple as plugging in your new IP phone.

3.) A Single Cooking Skillet

A single skillet of average size and quality generally costs in the ballpark of $11 to $30 dollars. That may be as much as three times the cost of your monthly VoIP service. And it won’t take too much use before your new skillet starts to show scratches and signs of wear. VoIP stays shiny and new no matter how often you use it.

4.)  A Week of Groceries for an Average Family

On average, Americans spend between $100 and $150 each week on groceries according to Wiki Answers. That means that your monthly phone bill with VoIP could cost less than one tenth of your weekly grocery bill, or one fortieth of your monthly grocery bill.

5.) A Large 2-Topping Pizza

A large pizza with two toppings from Pizza Hut costs about $8. For less than a single meal for a family of four, you could buy a month of phone service.

Kevin Barber writes for VoIP Review about residential and business telephone systems. He holds a degree from Johns Hopkins University.

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