3 Ways HR Teams Can Take Advantage of VoIP

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by Ion Mae

The emergence of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology has revolutionized how people do business. It has enabled companies to cut costs, helps them communicate with colleagues and clients regardless of location, and boosts the overall productivity of the organization through effective communication.  But while it has brought significant changes to many departments and industries in business, one of the more notable (but often overlooked) beneficiaries is the Human Resources (HR) department.

Here are a few of the ways a business VoIP solution benefits your HR team:

Streamline recruitment

One of the biggest ways HR departments benefit from business VoIP is VoIP's ability to streamline the hiring process. In the past, HR professionals have had to travel and attend job fairs on top of personally meeting with candidates for screening. But today, recruiters can easily communicate with job applicants online. VoIP tools such as video conferencing, for example, can be used by HR to interview and evaluate candidates from any location. This shortens the recruitment process and cuts the cost per hire as travel expenses can be reduced.

Optimize the onboarding process for new hires

The first few weeks of employment are critical to employee retention. Thus, HR teams must have an effective onboarding process to help new employees quickly adapt to their roles and remain engaged throughout their tenure. A business VoIP phone solution can help make the process more efficient by providing HR the necessary tools for collaboration. These include call conferences and online meetings (for training and orientation, especially if the new hire is remote), file sharing (for storing and sharing all necessary paperwork, benefits forms, and handbooks), and instant messaging (for quick feedback).

Manage remote employees

The 9-to-5, five-days-a-week workday is no longer applicable for most businesses. Plenty of organizations nowadays offer employees more flexibility in terms of work hours and location. While such arrangements offer perks for employees, this can be challenging for HR teams that have to regularly keep track of employees. Fortunately, business VoIP phone solutions come with a wide selection of features that help HR teams efficiently manage a mobile workforce. Aside from voice calls, some of the most VoIP useful features include video conferencing (for training and communication), presence (to check employee availability), and call recording (for tracking employee performance and for future training purposes).

Final Thoughts

The changing workplace dynamics and the increasing number of mobile workers mean HR teams need to be equipped with reliable and efficient tools in order to bring an organization together. Business VoIP is one of the tools that play a critical role in helping HR professionals improve the hiring process, train and acculturate new employees into the organization, and manage a mobile workforce efficiently.


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