171 VoIP services worldwide shut down in 2007

by Jennifer Cuellar

2007 has been a devastating year for many hopeful VoIP services. In a follow up of our market research carried out 12 months ago in 2006 (85 VoIP services shut down), this year saw a substantial escalation of retail VoIP services shutting down resulting in the death of 171 VoIP providers in the period November 2006 to October 2007.

The exponential growth of the VoIP industry in the past 3-4 years is now leading to an exponential growth in fatalities within the industry. The barriers of entry are very low and any tech savvy internet user can get a "VoIP business" up and running within a few days as a reseller. Although many of these now bankrupt VoIP services may have been fly by nights some of the biggest players in the industry were forced to shut their doors in 2007. The largest VoIP service (with over 200000 users) to shut down overnight was the second largest provider in the USA - www.sunrocket.com. The capital loss for each user individually is relatively low, however the inconvenience and hassles of loosing one's telephone is exceptionally aggravating, especially for small businesses.

Within the same time frame around 150-200 new VoIP services launched around the world bringing the total to over 1100 VoIP services worldwide offering cheaper calls to retail customers.

International call rates are at an all time low and will drop even further. Without a clever business and especially an on- and offline marketing and sales plan and without a key differentiator many of these startups will disappear again within the next 12-24 months.

It will be difficult to create a second Skype service, however nobody seems to be developing a VoIP application for Facebook. With Facebook's 40 - 50 million users this could be a worthwhile exercise - food for thought!

For all those interested in the list of "dead" VoIP services - see below or refer to the following page for the 2005 - 2007 VoIP Graveyard.

Domain   Country
www.degrifcall.com   Algeria
www.contenidosonline.com.ar   Argentina
www.iponline.com.ar   Argentina
www.iponlinephone.com   Argentina
www.sistemasyenlaces.com.ar   Argentina
www.netcall.am   Armenia
www.spantalk.com.au   Australia
www.callgate.com.au   Australia
www.fonebox.com.au   Australia
www.kangatalk.com   Australia
www.talkfan.com   Australia
www.vtalkvoip.com.au   Australia
www.ipphone.at   Austria
www.alveetel.com   Bangladesh
www.enetbd.net   Bangladesh
www.nextwavetel.net   Bangladesh
www.teleland.be   Belgium
www.belphin.com   Belgium
www.okscm.com.br   Brazil
www.voipitelefonia.com.br   Brazil
www.phonelowcost.com   Brazil
www.voipitelefonia.com.br   Brazil
www.virttel.com   Canada
www.allo.com   Canada
www.talafone.com   Canada
www.broadtel.ca   Canada
www.evolvetoday.ca   Canada
www.voctel.com   Canada
www.airstarcommunications.com   Canada
www.dialzone.net   Canada
www.friendlytelecom.com   Canada
www.massivetel.com   Canada
www.mxwv.com   Canada
www.czech-talkpro.cz   Czech Republic
wwwold.softphone.cz   Czech Republic
www.altistel.com   Czech Republic
www.avatel.dk   Denmark
www.tulipm.dk   Denmark
www.worldcall.dk   Denmark
www.teleout.dk   Denmark
www.speednetwork.ec   Ecuador
www.ip2phone.com   Ecuador
www.myvox.fr   France
www.advancecall.de   Germany
www.visavi-phone.de   Germany
www.flyfone.de   Germany
www.betamax.de   Germany
www.cocosys.de   Germany
www.evisionteam.de   Germany
www.monduno.de   Germany
www.mv2.de   Germany
www.planet-hosting.de   Germany
www.voip-phones.de   Germany
www.wodatel.com   Germany
www.clearkall.com   India
www.voiceireland.ie   Ireland
www.ngtlecom.ie   Ireland
www.vipnetphone.com   Italy
www.savetoll.com   Jordan
www.helloservices.com   Kuwait
www.parlino.com   Luxembourg
www.call2sip.com   Malaysia
www.linkvoice.net   Mexico
www.internetphoneconnect.net   Netherlands
www.veezcom.nl   Netherlands
www.yourcall.co.nz   New Zealand
www.phonet.co.nz   New Zealand
www.trunkcall.com   Pakistan
www.internetinair.com   Pakistan
www.pronobis.info   Peru
voip.polandstore.com   Poland
www.votecom.ro   Romania
www.etherealtalk.com   Russia
www.albavoip.com   Serbia
www.ubifone.com   Singapore
www.net4talk.com   Singapore
www.madaphone.sk   Slowak Republic
www.zero27.net   South Africa
www.voipe.es   Spain
www.wi-call.com   Spain
www.tcat-telefonia.com   Spain
www.dynamic-net.ch   Switzerland
www.phonetophones.com   Switzerland
www.callclubtt.com   Trinidad and Tobago
www.rocktel.com.tr   Turkey
www.net4phonecalls.com   UAE
www.call2phone.com   UK
www.astartelecom.com   UK
www.glophone.co.uk   UK
www.ifband.co.uk   UK
www.intervivo.net   Uk
www.quazzle.co.uk   UK
www.bactel.com   UK
www.eco-phone.co.uk   UK
www.fodatel.com   UK
www.foneonline.com   UK
www.gemtelecom.net   UK
www.interchangeconnexions.com   UK
www.lincall.com   UK
www.manchestervoip.com   UK
www.photontelecoms.com   UK
www.ipcom.com   Unknown
www.newskyvoip.com   Unknown
www.dialanet.com   Unknown
www.great2call.com   Unknown
www.galaxietalk.com   USA
www.megatechservices.com   USA
www.elegance-com.net   USA
www.taquinetworks.com   USA
www.uspconnect.com   USA
www.fabrosphone.com   USA
www.eastfone.com   USA
www.fivestartel.com   USA
www.earthshinetel.com   USA
www.voipxp.com   USA
www.tomatovine.com   USA
www.sunrocket.com   USA
www.dingotel.com   USA
www.stanaphone.com   USA
www.fonixtelecom.com   USA
www.technicallusa.com   USA
www.advantagevoice.net   USA
www.dialdigit.com   USA
www.von2fone.com   USA
www.ekring.com   USA
www.glophone.com   USA
www.grouphone.biz   USA
www.ifreedomcom.com   USA
www.kazil.com   USA
www.linefire.com   USA
www.neovoz.com   USA
www.netzerovoice.com   USA
www.nexboom.com   USA
voip.ryantechinc.com   USA
www.sonicdigitalvoice.com   USA
www.talkdaddy.com   USA
www.globaltel.com   USA
www.telepacket.com   USA
www.terracall.com   USA
www.totalcallip.com   USA
www.triangulus.com   USA
www.veraphone.com   USA
www.voiponwireless.com   USA
www.zivva.com   USA
www.stalliondata.net   USA
www.aa-link.com   USA
www.accxxvoip.com   USA
www.actica.net   USA
www.alpha-serv.com   USA
www.asylumtel.com   USA
www.avalanchecomm.com   USA
www.avopdirect.com   USA
www.binasec.com   USA
www.bizimtel.com   USA
www.broadbandvoiceusa.com   USA
www.cntechnologies.com   USA
www.crystalvoicelive.com   USA
www.globaltalknetwork.net   USA
www.globalgatewaycom.com   USA
www.goiax.com   USA
www.infotel-us.com   USA
www.jadetelecom.com   USA
www.majosa.net   USA
www.vocalring.com   USA
www.voipescrow.net   USA
www.voipone.net   USA
www.voipplus.net   USA
www.voyz.net   USA
www.zentality.com   USA
www.blueskyphone.com   USA

Status : 11-11-2007 - www.myvoipprovider.com

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