Comparing VoIP providers

Over the past two years it has become increasingly difficult to keep an overview of all the worldwide operating VoIP providers. The VoIP / Broadband or Internet phone industry is booming with new VoIP service providers launching almost on a weekly basis.

Each provider proclaims to have the best service and the cheapest local, long distance or international calling rates, but the differences are still enormous (up to 1000%), although in most cases the VoIP service providers are cheaper than most traditional telephone companies. Choosing the right VoIP provider for your specific need and calling pattern, especially if you make a number of international calls can save you a small fortune every month.

Finding VoIP providers on the Internet is already a mission on its own. A few of the larger, more established providers are easy to find on hundreds of Internet sites. With their extensive marketing budgets and daily bombardment of press releases, they have established a dominance in a short period of time. There are however hundreds of smaller and newer providers with the same service and quality levels and even cheaper calling rates and monthly packages.

We, at,  have identified almost 500 international VoIP solution providers (July 2005) for the residential and SOHO market and in due course each and every VoIP provider will be included in our extensive database.

With our free VoIP provider search engine you will be able to compare almost all known VoIP service providers based on their international calling rates and flat rate or monthly packages with additional search criteria being added soon. Using our search option 2 you will even be able to compare your existing provider with the rest of the world. We can only recommend that you check to see how your current VoIP provider compares with the competition if you make international calls. The results in most cases are very surprising.

Irrespective of where you are located in the world,  if you are searching for a PC to Phone, Broadband or even PC to PC VoIP companies, we will have the cheapest VoIP solution for your needs - guaranteed !! is the leading residential and SOHO Voice over IP comparison specialist in the world. Nowhere else on the Internet will you find a similar service comparing international VoIP solution providers in the detail we provide. In addition we offer daily VoIP news from the VoIP industry, keeping you up to date on the latest trends and new providers. In our VoIP hardware section you will find an extensive overview of the required hardware to get you started with your new VoIP service.

Our sole aim is to be the best Internet telephony comparison specialist in the world. You can be rest assured that when dealing with us, we will be around to help you. Remember, we don't just compare VoIP, we use it ourselves!


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