IPdrum will bring Skype to Mobile Phone users worldwide

Cable Connects Skype to your Mobile Telephone as early as August 2005

OSLO, Norway – June 14, 2005 – IPdrum, a VoIP solutions provider, today
introduced the IPdrum Mobile Skype Cable, a first and long awaited
bridge between Internet telephony and mobile phones. The IPdrum Mobile
Cable connects Skype to a mobile telephone via the mobile telephone
network — allowing Skype users true mobility and worldwide calling for
local rates.

With IPdrum and Skype, a user can call free of any long distance
charges, world wide from his/her mobile phone. “Skype users today need
to physically sit in front of their PCs or buy special cordless phones
that must be used within a range of a few meters from the PC,” says
Kjetil Mathisen, CEO IPdrum. “These current Skype restrictions provide
enormous market potential for IPdrum technology and solutions.”

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