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If you do not want to download software, purchase a phone adapter, or configure your phone service to make Internet calls, then VoIP web-activated phone calls are the best option for you.

VoIP web activated phone calls do not require hardware or software to manage incoming and outgoing calls. You can call anyone in any place in the world using a landline or mobile phone. No installation, download, or configuration is needed to make web VoIP calls.

If you already have a phone service, VoIP web activated services are a good alternative. Compared to non-VoIP calls, web activated phone calls are free or very inexpensive. In addition, if you do not want to set up any programs or equipment, web activated services are good options when compared with VoIP services that require software and/or installation.


VoIP Web Activated Listing



2speak is introducing easy to use, VoIP-based services
to Internet users around the world. While the term "VoIP" is now
globally recognized, less than 10% of overseas users have broadband
access and even fewer are willing or able to switch to VoIP for their
communications needs. 2speak enables all Internet users to take
advantage of VoIP without requiring a broadband connection, a
microphone or special equipment.

Duka Dial

Web activated service offering free calls to the US and Canada - (An incomming US number is required)


Jaduka offers voice-enabled Web tools, including Internet phone service, affordable conference calls, customer call tracking, broadcast messaging service, and click to talk technology, for small- to medium-sized businesses.


Use your normal phone - call anyone, anywhere landline,mobile - web telephony in a click, No download, no installation. cost saving


Broadband  Phone VoIP service provider (SIP) - also offer Web activated Phone to Phone calling


This service is only available in Germany and allows the user to make totally free calls to landlines in 30 countries (limited to 30min per call)


Web activated VoIP service provider - still in beta stage (30 min free on sign up)

How VoIP Web-Activated Phone Services Work

To use a web activated phone service, you will usually go to the website of a VoIP web activated phone provider, register for an account, and add call credits.

Depending on the web activated phone service you use, you will be able to establish a call within the website itself. With this option, you will need a microphone and speakers.

Other services ask you to enter your number and the number of the person you want to call in a web-based interface.Then your phone will ring, so you will need to pick it up, and wait for the other line to answer. Calls, if they cost anything, are charged to a prepaid account, but the service itself is free.

Advantages and Disadvantages of VoIP Web-Activated Phone Service

Web activated phone services offers a variety of advantages, but you should understand the disadvantages before switching from traditional phone services, digital phone, or VoIP provider services.

Availability: If there is no Internet connection, you will not be able to make a web phone call. This is one of the biggest inconveniences of VoIP web activated phone services. Power outages, network outages, router issues, and other Internet-related issues can be unpredictable.

Quality: The quality of a web phone calls will depend on your Internet service provider and the developer of the web VoIP service you are using.

Low quality calls with latency and static or dropped calls may occur due to your router and connection — or cheap phone service.

Security: Web activated phone service calls are vulnerable to theft and malware attacks. As a result, VoIP servers can go down due to malicious attacks or unauthorized access to your account. Scammers can even send fake caller ID data to your phone, pose as company representatives to get information, and defraud you.

911 Calls: Limited free web activated calls do not offer 911 emergency calls, but there are some that do offer this service. However, emergency workers may not know your geographic location so they cannot dispatch service until you tell them where you are located.

Examples of VoIP Web-Activated Phone Service

EvaPhone is a VoIP web activated phone service that lets you make free Internet phone calls on a Flash-based interface on website. Although the web phone calls are free, they have very short call durations. Free calls range from ten seconds to one minute in length depending on the number location, and calls are limited to two a day.

Evaphone does provide web activated phone services with continuous calls and no advertisements.

Ribbit offers a web-based web phone service called Ribbit Phone, a web-based dialer that acts as a backup for customers' Ribbit Mobile account online. Customers use their mobile number as your Caller ID. This service is good for situations in which your phone dies out or you can't find service. The company also offers developer support services, management tools, and development tools as well. 

Google Voice offers VoIP phone services through Gmail or Google Talk to numbers in the U.S. or Canada. However, there is no direct way to communicate with other VoIP service users via a connection between IP addresses or SIP gateway.

Free phone calls with Google Voice are limited to three hours, but you can make a free call to the same number over and over again.

Cost of VoIP Web-Activated Phone Calls

VoIP web activated phone services are typically cheaper than landline phone services. It is commonly free to make calls to customers using the same service.

Usually, local and long distance calls in the U.S. and Canada do not cost anything. There are low rates for international VoIP web activated phone calls. The only exception to paying for international calls, which cost at least 1¢ per minute, is if you are calling a customer who is not in the same country and using the same service.

Although costs are lower, VoIP web activated phone service possesses limitations when it comes to call quality and emergency 911 calling.

Call quality is limited by the speed of your current Internet connection. If you need to make a 911 emergency call, most free VoIP web activated phone calls will not be able to do this.

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