Find and compare broadband VoIP Flat rate or monthly packages

VoIP - Flate rate or monthly packages

Most broadband VoIP providers, especially in the US and Canada, offer flate rate or monthly residential and/or business packages. These can be very basic as a pay-as-you-use  option or unlimited packages for national or long distance phone calls. All providers call their top of the range packages "Unlimted" , but in essenece they are not unlimited. Most have an internal cap of between 1500 and 3000 minutes and if you exceed these caps on a regular basis you may be disconnected or upgraded to a more expensive business package.

The choice of packages is vast with almost every broadband VoIP company  offering 3-10 different options.  We have summarized these packages and highlighted the availability of the 12 most important VoIP features.  Some VoIP providers offer a hugh selection of  additional fancy features and substantial amounts of funds are spent on advertising these features, yet it is highly unlikely that the average user is interested or will ever use these.

When searching for a monthly package you can select between residential and business packages and select between packages which offer "unlimited" calls in a specific country,  packages which offer any amount national or local/long distance minutes or packages with international destinations included.

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