Best Wholesale VoIP Providers 2023: A Comparison

Wholesale VoIP companies sell their hosted VoIP services to resellers and companies that need to use or redistribute VoIP service, but that don’t want to manage the equipment and technology behind a VoIP system.

VoIP Wholesale Listing

Worldforce Telecommunication

WORLDFORCE is one of the leading European VoIP providers.

We are a supplier of VOIP routes for wholesale and retail carriers. Our rates are comparable with quality and reliability, because of our large partnership network. We are interested in termination and origination of VOIP traffic in every spot on the globe.

Voice Trading

Wholesale VOIP rates. Voice Trading delivers your call to the PSTN networks with the latest technologies at the best possible rates. Setup your SIP/IAX device for Voice Trading and start saving big time!

Midi Telecom

Offering business, wholesale and callshop solutions

Nergy Telecom S. A.

***Nergy Telecom is a leading European provider of high quality telecommunications services.
Employing latest advanced technology and innovations Nergy Telecom offers a variety of products and solutions that allow individuals and businesses around the world to start a telecom business or to expand an existing one. Nergy Telecom - headquarted in Paris, France- is operating on the telecom market since 2002.

Nergy Telecom provides the following services:
Direct Dial calls with Toll Free or local access number; Direct Dial calls with local access number connected to a VoIP gateway; Direct Dial calls with local GSM access number connected to VoIP GSM Gateway; Callback calls with International Dedicated Trigger Number; Callback calls with International Trigger Number based on CLI (ANI) authentication; Callback calls with local GSM trigger number based on CLI (ANI) authentication; PC-to-Phone calls.


Ivox Communications is a privately funded company, formed in 2004 to build a national VoIP carrier grade network and provide wholesale services to internet and telephone service providers.

Wholesale VoIP Provider

ISPhone - Leading VoIP Provider in Australia. ISPhone provides the cost effective VoIP Telephone Service that best suit your needs.

Capital City Service Limited

Capital City Service Ltd, UK, was founded in 1996. Our company has regional offices in UK (London), Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg), in Moldova (Chisinau), in Germany and Argentina. We are connected to ancotel Telehaus GmbH (Frankfurt, Kleyerstr. 88-90).

We are focused mainly on CIS-countries (former USSR). Due to the fact that Capital City Service Ltd has exclusive contracts with national providers in CIS and Russia, we can offer our partners very competitive rates to such destinations as Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, including mobile routes.

Key West Global

Key West Group offers unique network products and telephony solutions to Telcos, Carriers, ISPs, business and individual customers. Products include CarrierV Wholesale VoIP solutions, CarrierT Wholesale TDM solutions, ILAS, ITFS, and many others. The majority of the offered products are designed and developed solely by the Groups in-house development team.

We terminate your voice over IP worldwide into the PSTN. Low rates and highest quality of call termination. Setup within minutes. Check out our great termination service now.


EASYWAY B.V offers the most dynamic portfolio of TDM / VOIP services and the widest coverage of connectivity in the Europe / United States / Middle East / Africa and Asia. As the most comprehensive provider of Next Generation services coupled with first class client services and provisioning intervals, EASYWAY B.V retains its forefront status as the primary choice of vendor for many major enterprise and global service providers.
EASYWAY B.V currently delivers services to tens of Fortune 1000 enterprise accounts and to over 100 global TDM / VOIP service providers. Internet, Frame Relay, TDM, Colocation and Conferencing services are also available.


With a subscription with a wholesale VoIP company, you get access to a standard set of wholesale VoIP features:

  • Origination and termination
  • Colocation and PBX (Public Branch Exchange) hosting
  • International A-Z
  • FCC E911 compliant and 411 access
  • Portal

With these features, you can use a wholesale VoIP to establish your own VoIP service. Most wholesale VoIP providers also offer a selection of other features, but the features listed above are standard.

Origination and Termination

Origination means that your wholesale VoIP provider can receive a call from the PSTN (public switched telephone network, the infrastructure of traditional telephone service), and termination means that the wholesale VoIP provider can send a call to the PSTN.

These services mean that you have access to any digital or analog telephone number. If your service didn’t offer origination or termination, you wouldn’t be able to call phone numbers hosted by traditional telephone companies or receive calls from those numbers.

So, with origination and termination features, you can act as a regular telephone service because you can provide connection between any two numbers without any limitations.

Colocation and PBX Hosting

Colocation means that you have full access to all of the services and capabilities of the wholesale VoIP company’s system, but the wholesale VoIP company does all of the work of maintaining the equipment and hardware of the VoIP system for you.

So, you pay your fair share for the services when you pay your monthly fee, but you never have to see or worry about the machinery behind the operation. And you have access to the wholesale VoIP services through the Internet. Usually, your wholesale VoIP provider will give you a control panel. This control panel allows you to establish an account and use all of their VoIP services remotely.

You may have heard of a hosted PBX if you have ever looked into business VoIP services. A PBX is the system that a business uses to route phone calls within an office, and to manage the traffic of incoming and outgoing calls.

When a VoIP service offers you a hosted PBX, it means that the VoIP service provider maintains a PBX system which you can use remotely over the Internet. With a hosted PBX, you have access to all of the same features of a traditional hardware PBX, but without the hardware PBX.

When a wholesale VoIP service has a hosted PBX feature, it means that you can offer hosted PBX services to your customers.

International A-Z

International A-Z means that your wholesale VoIP service can send calls to and receive calls from international numbers. Basically, this means that you have international origination and termination capabilities so you can offer your customers the ability to call any number in the world.

Many wholesale VoIP providers have a variety of international channels of varying quality. Make sure the routes you purchase are the correct quality for your use. Reselling a gray route to a large number of customers will probably ensure that they switch VoIP providers to get better quality calls.

FCC 911 Compliant and 411 Access

All VoIP providers operating in the United States are required by law to be FCC 911 compliant. This just means that a wholesale VoIP company provides quick and efficient delivery for any call dialed to 911.

411 access refers to your ability to reach a 411 information service. Most wholesale VoIP providers offer easy access to a 411 information service.

In short, with a wholesale VoIP provider with 911 compliancy and 411 access, you can make sure that you are providing your customers with the immediate access to emergency and information services.


Your portal is your control panel for your wholesale VoIP service. It allows you to control all of your customer accounts and direct their service. It is basically your interface with your wholesale service provider.

Why should you get wholesale VoIP?

Wholesale VoIP is a great choice for anyone who is interested in breaking into the telecommunications industry. If you are interested in becoming a VoIP reseller or if you want to set up a VoIP system in connection with a business, then you should look into a wholesale VoIP provider. Wholesale VoIP gives you access to all of the features and resources that you will need to effectively establish your own VoIP operation.

And if you don’t have as much technical expertise, keep an eye out for turnkey service with wholesale VoIP providers. A turnkey service means that you get a prepackaged wholesale VoIP service. All you have to do is turn it on and you are ready to go.

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