Best Wholesale VoIP Providers 2023: A Comparison

Wholesale VoIP companies sell their hosted VoIP services to resellers and companies that need to use or redistribute VoIP service, but that don’t want to manage the equipment and technology behind a VoIP system.

VoIP Wholesale Listing

Endstream Communications

Endstream is is a privately held facilities-based Voice over IP carrier providing wholesale services to high-volume customers. Endstream strives to provide the highest quality telecommunications services with the market's most aggressive pricing. A strong, dedicated development team and real-world testing have resulted in one of the industry's most advanced, and reliable, networks with superior voice quality equal or better to traditional digital services. We have only the highest quality routes in the US and select Tier 1 international routes, and our custom pricing plans allow for highly cost-effective termination.

i3 Networks

We are strictly a wholesale network provider and aggregator. We provide our clients with all the benefits of having their own network facilities without all the hassles. This coupled with volume buying power equals cost-effective solutions designed for your companys needs.

IMS Assist

Assist provides global VoIP solutions to Telecommunication Carriers,
VoIP resellers, Internet telephony businesses and consumers across the
globe. Our cluster of profitable VoIP solutions include world-class
quality VoIP Call Termination at very competitive A-Z rates.


inZon's proprietary
switches and systems control both traditional legacy TDM (Traditional
Time Division Multiplexing Voice Circuits) and IP Telephony technology
(or Transitional Telecom technology). This provides the Company with a
hybrid system that is the best of both worlds. The Company uses its own
proprietary, leading edge monitoring and management software to
thoroughly evaluate profitability in real-time and employ dynamic
routing that will allow its systems to immediately react to changing
network conditions and reroute based on key predefined criteria. For
the majority of its traffic, the Company now utilizes Voice over
Internet Protocol ("VoIP") technology to provide complete voice, fax,
data and conference call services on an ASP platform.

IP Communications

IP Communications delivers Voice over the
Internet Protocol (VoIP) based carrier solutions to providers of IP
based telephony services. Our product range includes SIP or H323
Origination Services, local numbers (DIDs), international local numbers
(DDI), domestic/international Toll-Free Service, area based IP T1 (PRI)
replacement service, termination and IP private line services. IP
Communications network is one of the most reliable MPLS networks in the
world, having a fully meshed network with redundant SBCs. 

Mix Meeting

Mix Meeting LLC is an wholesale VoIP services provider whose products include: International to US SIP termination, US domestic SIP termination, A-Z International termination, local DID numbers, 800 toll-free and Hosted PBX.

Mix Meeting offers competitive rates and flexible, profit-driven VoIP Reseller and Agent opportunities.

With a carrier-grade network, proprietary account management system and commitment to customer service, Mix Meeting delivers VoIP solutions that maximize infrastructure and reduce costs for customers and carriers worldwide.

Mohammad Abdullah Khan

Saba Communications presents feature-rich VoIP Reseller Services for businesses who
would like to become mainstream VoIP Provider without making huge investments in
backbone operations, infrastructure, development and research. Any business entity,
whether Internet Service Providers, Call Shop owners or Computer Networking Specialists,
with existing client-relationships in the captive audience for VoIP services can join hands
with Saba Communications and start reaping the benefits of selling VoIP-enabled services
We have more then 200 resellers worlwide who are taking advantage from our VOIP services.

As a SabaVoip Reseller, you will have access to our vast experience and solutions portfolio,
enabling you to deliver highly functional, robust and cost-effective solutions.
Whether you are a product reseller or a solution specialist, you can enjoy the following sales

Reseller Features:

Wholesale Agents purchase voice traffic from SabaVoip at wholesale rates.
No investment required on soft switches and hardware.
Excellent voice quality.
No sign up or monthly fees.
Sell services under your own brand.
Completely customizable business management platform is provided to the wholesale agents. With that platform wholesale agents can set their own rates for their customers.
Create different rate plans with different billing increment (rounding to seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute etc.)
You can have access to a web based control panel which has a complete set of customer management tools.
Manages your clients and their credit limits & much more..

Novanet Technologies

A pioneer of VoIP solutions, Novanet has been involved with VoIP technology since the time of its early adoption. We process over half a million calls every day and offer world-class services to our clientele around the world.

Our strategic interconnect with various Tier 1 carriers worldwide enables us to provide quality access to countries in every continent. Apart from termination and origination, we provide Media Gateways to interconnect circuit switching networks with IP based networks.

Novanet is backed by state-of-the-art infrastructure and managed by seasoned technical staff offering you reliable 24/7 support. We partner with industry leaders such as Cisco Systems and Audio Codes.

We are focused on delivering compelling value and ensuring customer delight with reliable VoIP solutions.

Pipeline Telecom

on the Space Coast of Florida near Melbourne, Pipeline Telecom is a FCC
licensed 214 wholesale and VoIP Enhanced Services carrier offering
global voice and fax termination / origination. Pipeline's mission is
to combine the latest technology in switching equipment, features and
support with an aggressive approach to securing the highest
quality available at the most competitive rates.


Rapidvox offers
affordable wholesale Voice-over-IP termination services to re-sellers,
call centers and Internet-Telephony Service Providers. With high-speed
connections to over 4,000 global destinations and no monthly minimums
or contracts, Rapidvox offers a truly flexible VoIP solution.


With a subscription with a wholesale VoIP company, you get access to a standard set of wholesale VoIP features:

  • Origination and termination
  • Colocation and PBX (Public Branch Exchange) hosting
  • International A-Z
  • FCC E911 compliant and 411 access
  • Portal

With these features, you can use a wholesale VoIP to establish your own VoIP service. Most wholesale VoIP providers also offer a selection of other features, but the features listed above are standard.

Origination and Termination

Origination means that your wholesale VoIP provider can receive a call from the PSTN (public switched telephone network, the infrastructure of traditional telephone service), and termination means that the wholesale VoIP provider can send a call to the PSTN.

These services mean that you have access to any digital or analog telephone number. If your service didn’t offer origination or termination, you wouldn’t be able to call phone numbers hosted by traditional telephone companies or receive calls from those numbers.

So, with origination and termination features, you can act as a regular telephone service because you can provide connection between any two numbers without any limitations.

Colocation and PBX Hosting

Colocation means that you have full access to all of the services and capabilities of the wholesale VoIP company’s system, but the wholesale VoIP company does all of the work of maintaining the equipment and hardware of the VoIP system for you.

So, you pay your fair share for the services when you pay your monthly fee, but you never have to see or worry about the machinery behind the operation. And you have access to the wholesale VoIP services through the Internet. Usually, your wholesale VoIP provider will give you a control panel. This control panel allows you to establish an account and use all of their VoIP services remotely.

You may have heard of a hosted PBX if you have ever looked into business VoIP services. A PBX is the system that a business uses to route phone calls within an office, and to manage the traffic of incoming and outgoing calls.

When a VoIP service offers you a hosted PBX, it means that the VoIP service provider maintains a PBX system which you can use remotely over the Internet. With a hosted PBX, you have access to all of the same features of a traditional hardware PBX, but without the hardware PBX.

When a wholesale VoIP service has a hosted PBX feature, it means that you can offer hosted PBX services to your customers.

International A-Z

International A-Z means that your wholesale VoIP service can send calls to and receive calls from international numbers. Basically, this means that you have international origination and termination capabilities so you can offer your customers the ability to call any number in the world.

Many wholesale VoIP providers have a variety of international channels of varying quality. Make sure the routes you purchase are the correct quality for your use. Reselling a gray route to a large number of customers will probably ensure that they switch VoIP providers to get better quality calls.

FCC 911 Compliant and 411 Access

All VoIP providers operating in the United States are required by law to be FCC 911 compliant. This just means that a wholesale VoIP company provides quick and efficient delivery for any call dialed to 911.

411 access refers to your ability to reach a 411 information service. Most wholesale VoIP providers offer easy access to a 411 information service.

In short, with a wholesale VoIP provider with 911 compliancy and 411 access, you can make sure that you are providing your customers with the immediate access to emergency and information services.


Your portal is your control panel for your wholesale VoIP service. It allows you to control all of your customer accounts and direct their service. It is basically your interface with your wholesale service provider.

Why should you get wholesale VoIP?

Wholesale VoIP is a great choice for anyone who is interested in breaking into the telecommunications industry. If you are interested in becoming a VoIP reseller or if you want to set up a VoIP system in connection with a business, then you should look into a wholesale VoIP provider. Wholesale VoIP gives you access to all of the features and resources that you will need to effectively establish your own VoIP operation.

And if you don’t have as much technical expertise, keep an eye out for turnkey service with wholesale VoIP providers. A turnkey service means that you get a prepackaged wholesale VoIP service. All you have to do is turn it on and you are ready to go.

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