VoIP Providers In Chicago

As the third largest metropolitan area in the country and a central hub of the finance, publishing, transportation, and advertising industries, it is not surprising that there are many business VoIP providers in Chicago catering to the communication needs of local Chicago businesses.

These Chicago VoIP companies specialize in providing long-distance alternatives to business clients. Often offering hosted VoIP services, business VoIP providers in Chicago can offer feature-rich business VoIP services to small, medium, and even enterprise-level Chicago businesses.

Aside from free local calls, inexpensive or free long distance, and low per-minute or flat-rate international calling plans, these business VoIP services include virtual fax, conference calling, voicemail-to-email, simultaneous ring, and more.

VoIP providers in Chicago are intent on making Chicago-based businesses competitive and efficient. Although business VoIP services offer the benefits of anywhere/anytime access and a VoIP phone service provider can be located anywhere in the country, using VoIP providers in Chicago is often advantageous for Chicago-based business VoIP customers. Business VoIP providers in Chicago can offer the following:

  • On-site or remote service and support
  • Personal, face-to-face attention
  • Quick response times
  • Understanding of the challenges of the Chicago business environment
  • Support of local business/economy
  • Routine, follow-up service visits
  • Establishment of a personal business relationship
  • In-office consultations for custom solutions

Many of the business VoIP providers Chicago focus on providing tailored business VoIP services to small or medium size businesses. Chicago VoIP provider CloudPhone7 even specializes in cloud-based VoIP phone service to companies with fewer than seven employees per location.

Local VoIP providers in Chicago offering business VoIP services (typically featuring hosted PBX solutions) include:
  • Chicago Business VoIP
  • Cloud Phone7
  • S Net Telecom
  • Telewebtech
  • Wanetics
  • NetVoiceNow
  • Innovative Networks
  • AT&D
  • Chicago Micro
  • Class Computing
  • US Broadband Chicago
  • Leapfrog Technology Group
  • Mann Technology
VoIP providers in Chicago offering residential and business VoIP services:
  • DLS Internet Services
VoIP providers in Chicago offering residential VoIP services:
  • Allvoi (with a VoIP adapter)

There are also locally-based Chicago VoIP companies that specialize in determining the most appropriate combination of VoIP services (including hardware and software) that would be the best fit for their Chicago small-business clients. These Chicago VoIP companies will offer end-to-end solutions for their business VoIP clients, starting with an in-office needs assessment and developing a comprehensive process improvement plan.

Chicago business VoIP consulting companies may have relationships with a variety of vendors and VoIP service providers, or they may be able to offer VoIP service themselves if they are resellers. These Chicago business VoIP companies will customize a scalable VoIP phone service solution, selecting the best VoIP phones (or an ATA gateway for a hybrid VoIP solution), VoIP phone service provider, and budget-friendly VoIP business features.

Chicago VoIP Consulting, System Design and Support Companies
  • NE Communications
  • emkal
  • Hallom
  • ChicagoNetTech Inc.
  • Alchetec
  • Techserv Corporation
  • Southwestern Telephone and Cable
  • Converged Communication Systems
  • Aqueity
  • TierOne Telecom
  • Telcom & Data Inc.
  • Netrix
  • Low Voltage Guys
  • Outsource Solutions Group
  • GCS
  • Pentegra
  • B&D Communications
  • CBI
  • Chicago Business VoIP Phone
  • Syber Group
  • Switchfast
  • Grapevine
  • Lambert Technology Solutions
VoIP Providers Serving the Greater Chicago Area

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