How To Decipher MyVoipProvider’s Review Plot Graph

A good way to understand which VoIP provider offers the best service is by checking out reviews from users like you. Here on MyVoipProvider, users can submit comments and rate their favorite providers on a number of factors: customer service, features, reliability, sound quality, and price. The top rated providers are then exposed here on our custom infographic for a general overview of the most popular and most rated VoIP providers.

On the plot chart you have the overall number of reviews on the X axis; and on the Y axis you will see the overall star ratings. Click the checkbox next to the providers you would like to compare and contrast. Then you will see the provider icons displayed on the chart above. The larger the icon, the more reviews that particular provider has. If you are searching for a specific provider, please consult our provider directory and/or VoIP graveyard.

This infograph is a good way to get a quick overview of some of our most popular providers and how they rate according to consumers.

  • User reviews are the best way to check out what customers like you think about the provider’s service.
  • The size of the provider icon is determined by the number of reviews they have.
  • Check out our Business and Residential provider directories for additional providers.
  • Add your review today and share your VoIP experience with other consumers.
How To Decipher MyVoipProvider's Review Plot Graph

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