VoIP Mobile

Voip Mobile is the application of VoIP technology to mobile/cellular handsets.

Mobile VoIP service transmits VoIP calls over the 3G, 4G, or WiFi networks and brings the savings of VoIP to cellular devices.

Mobile phones have to support high speed IP communications. Most commonly this is using Voice over WiFi or VoWiFi, but the same protocols (typically SIP or jabber) can be used over any broadband IP-capable wireless network connection such as the various 3G standards.

This Mobile VoIP directory lists all providers currently supporting these applications. Should you know of any new mobile VoIP service, please add them to this listing.

VoIP Mobile Listing


Challenger Mobile

Challenger mobile is a telephony service that allows you to make free
calls via the internet, straight from your Nokia E series or Nokia
N80ie – or other mobile phones that support internet calls.


Totally unique way to make cheap long distance, international ; national phone calls using your own cellphone, mobile or landline ; no need for a computer, calling card or payphone.


Take Skype with your for the road! Use your mobile phone to call Skype users or receive calls from them, for free! Make phone calls between mobile phones for free, even across country borders!


EQO Mobile allows you to have all-in-one IM on your mobile phone and mobile VoIP through Skype

Gizmo for Mobile

Gizmo for Mobile is a java application that uses the data connection ofthe phone to transfer IMs and initiate call back. Because the vastmajority of the worlds phones have no wifi, we wanted to provide thepresence, file transfer, IM and low cost calling features availablethrough Gizmo Project, but call back is the easiest way to do this on amobile phone if calls cant be passed over wifi.

GSM Call

GSM Call has the best quality VoIP / SIP service. We specialize in quality connections using G.729, G.711, and G.723 codecs. Our free service with these using your Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia E65, Nokia E70, Nokia E90, Nokia N80, and Nokia N95 with our Mobile VoIP service is the easiest way to use your Nokia S60 phone for free. We have complete How-To guides as well as tutorials and videos that will give you step-by-step instructions on how to configure your phone for use with our service.


Internet calls on any mobile phone with IPdrum VoiceLink. Call the world at local rates.


With iSkoot, a mobile phone user gets the power of PC Calling
as part of their normal communications capabilities. iSkoot eliminates

the need for special hardware, headsets, microphones, broadband

connections, USB phones and even PCs, and consumers don't have

to go looking for a WiFi hot spot.

Our iSkoot phone application, a free small and simple piece

of software, and our network gateway connect your voice network

with a PC-PC network so that you can use your Internet phone service

from a regular cell phone. Everything you can do with online phone

services, you can now do on your cell phone powered by iSkoot.


MO-Call software is a free mobile phone application for making cheap international calls at lowest rate. You can download it directly to your mobile handset or via a computer.


MobiGater is a device giving mobility to Skype users. It transfers calls to mobile phones and allows people to dial Skype contacts via their cell phones no matter where they are. You also can make Skypeout and Skypein calls from your mobile phone.

VoIP Mobile Services

The low-cost calls of VoIP service have made their way to cell phones. VoIP mobile service, or mobile VoIP, places VoIP calls with a mobile device using the 3G, 4G, or WiFi data network. VoIP calls can transfer the data packets of your voice over any IP network, so VoIP mobile calls are possible now that cell phones and smartphones access the Internet.

VoIP Mobile Calls

VoIP mobile calls bypass the traditional cellular networks just like VoIP calls can bypass traditional phone lines. This means that VoIP mobile calls do not use your cell phone minute allowance to make calls, but they do consume bandwidth. Calls sent over the 3G or 4G network will use bandwidth from the data plan. Bandwidth consumption may not be important to customers with an unlimited data plan, but customers with a monthly data allotment will want to minimize calls made over the 3G and 4G networks.

Mobile VoIP means VoIP calls made with a mobile device using the 3G, 4G, or WiFi data network

The best way to make VoIP mobile calls is from a wireless hotspot. Calls placed over the WiFi network will not consume minutes or data bandwidth. Wireless hotspots have nearly become a required amenity in many public locations, which makes it easier to stick to WiFi-only calls. Leaving the range of a wireless hotspot while on a call will usually result in a dropped call; however, VoIP mobile software, like Toktumi’s Line2 app, are being improved so WiFi to 3G or 4G handoffs and vice versa are possible.

If you make an in-network call (a call where the recipient uses the same mobile VoIP app) using the WiFi network, the call will be free. Free in-network calls over WiFi is one of the benefits of VoIP mobile calls.

Another huge benefit of VoIP mobile calls is the ultra low per-minute rates for calls placed to non-VoIP users. Domestic rates are generally under 2.5 cents a minute, and long distance and international rates are equally reduced. Most providers claim you can save anywhere from 50% to 90% on your phone bill.

Mobile VoIP Software Applications

VoIP mobile calls need to be made through a software application on your phone. If you already have a residential or business VoIP service, you can check our mobile VoIP directory or the company websites to see if your provider offers a mobile VoIP software app. Company-specific mobile VoIP software apps will be built to integrate with your service.

If you are not currently using VoIP for your home or office phones then you can easily download a third-party mobile VoIP software app from our mobile VoIP directory of providers with proprietary services like:

Make sure you are downloading the appropriate version of the software for your phone's operating system (OS). There are also specific apps for:

Mobile VoIP for PC

Mobile VoIP for PC is achieved with software applications called softphones (as in software phones) that enable VoIP calls to be made with a computer. Softphones are a precursor to truly mobile VoIP, and they are offered by most residential and business VoIP service providers. Check our mobile VoIP directory for business providers with softphones available for remote office functionality. Softphones downloaded to a laptop can make your VoIP service portable without needing a mobile device.

A softphone for business VoIP service will allow the telecommuting or traveling employee to make calls with the business service and access contact lists and voicemails wherever they can set up a laptop and get an Internet connection.

Mobile VoIP Directory

The mobile VoIP directory on MyVoIPProvider.com is to help you narrow down your search for a mobile VoIP provider. A reliable service provider is the key to calls with good voice quality and satisfied users. Compare the different providers listed in the mobile VoIP directory to see what each can offer you. Reviews of each company are available to give you more insight on the service provider.

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