Vonage vs magicJack

Vonage vs magicJack Overview

If you are looking to switch your home phone to an Internet phone service, this Vonage vs magicJack comparison can help you evaluate the two services.

If you are asking, "What is Vonage? What is magicJack?" the short answer is that both Vonage and magicJack are VoIP phone services. Another, slightly longer answer is magicJack and Vonage are different types of VoIP phone service. magicJack is a specific device that has hardware and software components that convert your home phone to use VoIP service. Vonage is a all-in-one service provider that offers you equipment and service so you can use VoIP in your home.

Both magicJack and Vonage allow you to lower your monthly bills and get more bang for your buck from your phone service.

This prolonged economic nadir has motivated people all over to re-examine their expenses and home phone service is an area where you can make some drastic cuts by switching to VoIP with the magicJack Plus or Vonage.

Vonage vs magicJack

The magicJack is a pocket-sized device that connects to the USB port on your computer. You plug your phone cord into the magicJack, download some software, and you can begin making calls right away with your new Internet phone service. The new magicJack Plus no longer requires a computer to work, which has greatly improved the flexibility the magicJack.

Vonage does not require a computer, although you can use Vonage with a computer if you are traveling. Vonage equipment plugs your phone directly into your Internet connection.

Vonage vs magicJack Costs

Both VoIP services come with 30-day money back guarantees, but compare Vonage and magicJack costs for initial purchase and monthly service:


magicJack: $39.95 + shipping/handling

magicJack Plus: $69.95 + shipping/handling

Additional years of service are $29.95, unless you purchase the five year plan, which averages to $19.95 per year.


These costs include a year of local and long distance calling to the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. International calls are billed separately.



U.S. & Canada Unlimited Minutes: $9.99/month for 3 months, then $24.99/month

U.S. & Canada 300 Minutes: $11.99/month

Vonage offers free shipping and activation for customers.

International calls are billed separately, but Vonage offers special low rates for 10 countries as well as flat-rate plans for international minutes.

Vonage vs magicJack Features

If you compare Vonage and magicJack features, they both include the basics like:

  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting
  • Call forwarding
  • 3-way calling
  • Voicemail
  • 411 Directory assistance

You can also keep your same phone number with both adapters.

However, Vonage does outweigh magicJack on included features and provides additional, upgradeable features like fax and toll-free numbers. In fact, Vonage can be used by small businesses and offers business-class features like do not disturb and call hunting. The magicJack could be used in-office to save on calls, but it does not provide the additional features available with Vonage.

Vonage vs magicJack Reviews

The magicJack website says they receive "rave" reviews, but these magicJack reviews indicate customers are leaving reviews in a frenzy of anger. Terrible customer service, hidden fees, and poor sound quality are the top complaints.

Vonage reviews show the VoIP service performs much better in terms of sound quality, but many customers complain about increasing taxes and fees.

Vonage vs magicJack Conclusion

A number of differences are revealed when you compare Vonage and magicJack, and the best phone service for you will depend on your calling needs. Both services will provide you with internet phone service and reduce your overall phone bills.

The Vonage adapter may be an advantage for a small office home office setup because the additional call management features available. And home users may prefer it because the sound quality surpasses that of the magicJack. Yet, there is no denying that the magicJack is the more affordable adapter if you are looking for the improved savings.

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