What is the Cheapest Business VoIP Service?

How to get the cheapest business VoIP service

Finding the cheapest business VoIP service can be difficult, with all the features, plans, and providers out there. But there are a few things to consider when looking for the cheapest business VoIP provider. And they all relate to you:

  • Is your business small or large?
  • Do you need room to expand your business?
  • What features do you need?
  • Do you have a large international base?

Answers are after the comparison table of featured VoIP business providers.

Best Hosted PBX Providers 2021: A Comparison

A hosted PBX is a PBX that is hosted in the cloud by a VoIP provider. A Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is hardware or software that divides phone lines into extensions for each employee to use. When someone calls a company’s main phone number, the PBX connects the call to the designated employee’s extension line.

A hosted PBX differs from a traditional PBX in three ways:

Best Virtual PBX Providers 2021: A Comparison

Compare the top virtual PBX providers with this guide. A virtual PBX is a Private Branch Exchange phone system that operates through the Internet. A virtual PBX routes incoming calls to a business's appropriate extensions. You do not need to purchase or maintain hardware or software to use a virtual PBX system.

A virtual PBX is a good choice for small to medium-sized businesses that want all the benefits of cheap Internet calling, but do not want the responsibility of an in-house PBX.

Best PBX Phone Systems 2021: A Comparison

IP PBX is short for "Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange". A PBX splits one main office phone number into several extensions. For instance, when someone calls an office and is told “Press 1 for John, press 2 for Monica”, that caller is interacting with the PBX, and that PBX is going to connect his or her call to John or Monica.

VoIP Móvil y Software para Teléfonos Móvil

VoIP para Tecnología Móvil

Comparación de Proveedores VoIP

Los servicios más avanzados de telefonía mobiliaria utilizan tecnología VoIP. Este revolucionario servicio esta diseñado para hacer llamadas locales e internacionales desde su teléfono celular con todos los beneficios VoIP. Los proveedores de llamadas VoIP toman señales sobre redes 3G, WiMax y WiFi que luego codifican a voz digital y transmiten esta señal a su destino.

Servicios VoIP Empresarial en su Área

¿Qué es voz sobre IP Empresarial?

Es un servicio telefónico confiable y económico para el éxito de los negocios crecientes y globales. En el mundo empresarial, nuestros proveedores de voz sobre IP Comercial son tan revolucionarios que transforman la dinámica de hacer negocios.

VoIP Business Solutions

VoIP business solutions are telecommunication tools that help you manage incoming and outgoing phone calls over the Internet.

VoIP business solutions offer a flexible way to combine voice and data communications into one, easy-to-use IP network. No matter the size of your business, communications services can advance your business with unified communications and applications while saving you money.


VoIP Hosted

Hosted VoIP services reduce phone costs while offering features ideal for businesses. Learn how to compare hosted VoIP provider reviews and ratings so you can select the best hosted VoIP provider for your business.


VoIP hosted service providers store the PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system off-site, so businesses can enjoy all of the benefits of PBX features without having to deal with the costs, maintenance, and storage of on-site VoIP system with hardware.

Best Business VoIP Providers 2021: A Comparison

Business VoIP is an Internet phone service that is specifically catered towards the needs of an office environment. Typically, these business VoIP systems include IP PBX technology, IP faxing capabilities, unlimited virtual extensions, mobile apps, and other VoIP features that help to increase sales, boost productivity, and make your business run seamlessly.


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