VoIP Calling Feature

Call Waiting (w/Caller ID)

With call waiting, you will be alerted to an incoming call if you are on the phone. The inbound Caller ID will be displayed as well.

Call Return (*69)

Automatically dials the number of the last incoming call.

Caller ID Block (*67)

Prevent your caller ID information from being displayed when you make outgoing calls.

Caller ID

The name and number of incoming callers will be displayed. Your information will also be displayed for outbound calls.

Call Hold

Place a caller on hold without losing the call. That way you can pick up the call when you are available.

Call Forwarding

Manually set calls to be forwarded to another number.

Call Blocking

Block numbers individually or create a list of callers that you want automatically blocked.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

This feature lets you use your current hardware with a new service or if you are transferring to a new provider. It can help save you money on your overall VoIP cost.

Auto Forwarding

Otherwise referred to as Ring Splash, this feature programs incoming calls to automatically forward to your cell or any other number you choose. It is often associated with the Find Me/Follow Me tool.

Address Book

Store your contacts in a directory in the web portal. Use the address book to manage contacts, assign speed dial codes, create groups, and update caller ID displays.


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