VoIP Calling Feature

Virtual Numbers

Virtual numbers are individual numbers that can ring on your VoIP line or be forwarded to your existing number. They can be from any area code in order to create a virtual presence.

Unlimited Local Calling

Most business VoIP service plans come with unlimited calling in the contiguous 48 states as well as Canada.

Toll-free Numbers

Businesses can use toll-free numbers for the convenience of long distance callers.


Business VoIP service is more flexible than a traditional system and new extensions can be easily added as your business grows.

Remote Office

Access your voicemail and call features while out of the office.

Music on Hold

Let your callers on hold listen to music or pre-recorded messages instead of leaving them in silence.

Find Me/Follow Me

This feature ensures that you never miss a call. If you often find yourself away from your desk, the Find Me feature lets a user receive calls at various locations, while the Follow Me feature will redirect incoming calls to various numbers. It is one of the more advanced (and helpful) call forwarding features.

Faxing Capabilities

Use an IP fax or an adapter on your current fax machine to send and receive faxes through VoIP. Faxes are received and stored in the web portal. The files can be viewed, printed, and sent as attachments.


Split incoming and outgoing lines into extensions to provide each user with a phone. Each of these extensions have access to all available VoIP call features.

Enhanced Voicemail

Enhanced voicemail enables you to check and manage your voicemails from a web portal. This means you can access your voicemail from anywhere that you can sign online. Enhanced voicemail usually includes voicemail-to-email functionality as well.


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