VoIP Calling Feature

Do Not Disturb

Set the phone to go straight to voicemail in order to avoid being disturbed.


Click-to-call functionality works alongside your address book to help make placing calls faster. Click on a contact to call them without dialing the number.

Call Queues

Place calls in a queue to be answered by the next available employee.

Call Recording

Record calls by extension or department, then access all calls for playback, review, and quality assurance.

Call Logs

Logs of all inbound and outbound calls will be created, which can easily be accessed later on.

Auto Attendant

Also known as a virtual receptionist, auto attendant assists in greeting callers, routing calls, giving prerecorded messages for day, night, or holiday hours, and providing a searchable directory.


VoIP numbers come with a free voicemail service.

Speed Dialing

Program speed dial so you can call numbers using only a 2-digit code.


When using E911, be sure to update your address and phone number (located in the control panel) so that emergency services can be directed to your location in the event that a 911 call is placed.


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