Calling Cards

If you frequently need to travel internationally, or if you have family in another country, then you probably already know a lot about calling cards and how to use them. However, you may not have explored the alternatives to calling cards for international calling.

Many VoIP providers offer international services calling that are often cheaper and easier to use than calling cards.

Residential VoIP providers better than a calling card

Vonage vs magicJack

Vonage vs magicJack Overview

If you are looking to switch your home phone to an Internet phone service, this Vonage vs magicJack comparison can help you evaluate the two services.

VoIP Providers in the USA

The US is the VoIP service capital of the world. The US VoIP market market is highly competitive, with hundreds of companies offering cheap phone service for consumers and businesses.

You will find it very, very easy to get VoIP service from a VoIP provider in the USA.

Top USA VoIP Providers


Digital Phone Service

“Digital phone service” is a term used by cable and conventional phone companies to describe Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. These companies use a cheaper system without passing any savings on to consumers—calling digital phone service “VoIP” would alert customers to the scheme.

Home Telephone System

A home telephone system is the setup that allows you to make phone calls. It can have virtual or hardware equipment. VoIP services offer complete home phone systems with more features than traditional landline setups.

With VoIP phone systems, you can do more.

Features of a home telephone system with VoIP

  • two phone lines
  • softphone
  • wired or wireless
  • powers all your phones

Many VoIP home phone services offer a free second phone line in their plans.

Compare phone service

4 things to consider when you compare phone service

Compare phone service and you’ll be able to find the best phone plan for your needs. There are four simple questions you need to ask when you compare phone service.

Comparación de Proveedores VoIP Residencial

VoIP Residencial
Comparación de Proveedores VoIP

Existen muchos proveedores de VoIP Residencial que ofrecen servicios adaptados para los usuarios de esta tecnología. Los costos son dramáticamente reducidos al utilizar voz sobre IP ya que sus llamadas utilizarán redes de Internet. Hay servicios donde usted ahorrará al especificar donde llamará con más frecuencia y al utilizar ciertos servicios VoIP.

Mobile VoIP

One of the most in-demand features of Internet calling is mobile VoIP. Mobile VoIP allows mobile devices to send and receive Internet calls. Internet calls can be made over any IP network, so anyone who downloads a mobile IP app can send calls over any WiFi, 3G, or 4G data network.

Rather than use your wireless minutes, mobile VoIP uses your data plan to make calls. This translates to lower per minute rates than your cellular service provider.

VoIP Softphones

VoIP softphones are installed or web-based software programs that help users make Voice over IP phone calls without a physical phone. Softphone software can be used on desktop or laptop computers, cell phones, or tablets.


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