VoIP Apps in Micronesia: Plingm Introduces the Marshall (Phone) Plan

Are you in Micronesia? Wait, you are? Really? Ok. Well, there's a new VoIP app available to smartphone users in Oceania, specifically Micronesia.

Plingm, the Swedish VoIP app, can provide residents of Kiribati, Nauru, and the Marshall Islands (and others) with free or low-cost calling opportunities. Plingm uses WiFi and 3G Internet connections to make free calls using VoIP.

Plingm users can also call other Plingm users for free, and calls to Facebook friends and LinkedIn connections are also gratis. With Plingm Out, out-of-network calls are also inexpensive: Plingm Out users can save as much as 90% on international calls. Plus, callers can use their normal cellphone number.

Source: Saipan Tribune

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