4 Ways to Save Through VoIP

With the skyrocketing gas prices, it is quite a challenge to minimize your daily budget.  Perhaps, the most challenging part is how to maintain your current lifestyle without compromising too much. One way that could help stretch your budget is by using VoIP services. If you are a traditional phone user, you would most likely improve your phone service by using VoIP, while decreasing phone expenses.

Listed below are the 4 Ways to Save through VoIP, compiled by our staff editors, to help you save.

Research on the basic

If you are not familiar with VoIP services. Our FAQs section is the best way to get things started. In the VoIP world, there are a few terminology or acronyms which pertains to digital phone systems. Knowing these acronyms would greatly help you to find the right service.

Find the Best Provider

Best price is not usually the only factor for getting the best providers, but how would you get some information on any particular provider? Users' reviews are the most prominent solutions on determining the quality of the provider. Our Business VoIP Comparison and Residential VoIP Comparison pages are specially designed to help you in making the decision on selecting the right provider.

Knowing what you need

Whether you are looking for Business Service or Residential service, you need to be sure that you are getting what you need, without paying extra. Most providers include basic features in their plan, such as: call forwarding, caller ID, caller waiting, 3-way calling. For advance features such as: voicemail-to-email, find me, follow me and music on hold are optional features. If you don't need them, take it off your service.

Specials of the month

For attracting new customers, VoIP providers usually have monthly specials programs. If you are already a customer then you know that providers rarely give out information on special promotions. The best way to find out about ongoing specials is to call them once in awhile and ask for the current specials.

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