London Taxis to Offer Free WIFI: Mobile Gets Motorized

The London games start July 27th, and England has been prepping like mad. The BBC intends to broadcast 3,500 hours of event coverage, from sports competitions to medal ceremonies, and much of it will be broadcast online as well as over traditional free-to-air, cable, and satellite channels.

The goal is for no one to miss anything over the 14-day sports extravaganza — and to that end, the IOC and British event organizers are working hard to ensure that Summer Games fans will have access to the Olympics coverage from any Internet-connected device, just in case they're not near a TV.

The Tube, the city's main public transportation system, is being outfitted with WiFi hotspots. Now it's been reported that at least one taxi service, Greentomatocars, will offer free WiFi in each of its 300 fleet vehicles. The vegetable-inspired cars will offer 7.2 mpbs downloads and 2 mbps uploads through a 3G mobile broadband service provided by Wireless Logic.

Wardrivers who feel up to the challenge of tapping into the moving target that is a Greentomatocars taxi should know the password is "ilovefreewifi."

Source: TruTower

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