Ymax, the creators of the MagicJack, are planning on launching a new product in the near future called FemtoJack. The FemtoJack is an all new telephone tool that can be used in a similar fashion as the MagicJack using a femtocell device. It is a small USB gadget that you hook up to your computer in order to connect your telephone to a VoIP network and route your calls over a high-speed Internet connection. Although said to be slightly larger than the MagicJack USB, it works in the same manner and is equip with the same features. The major difference between the two is that the FemtoJack device is routed through your Internet connection, whereas MagicJack is still connected through your traditional landline.

It's ability to connect through your broadband Internet connection to the VoIP network enables you to use unlimited minutes for a minimal monthly fee. The FemtoJack is easily portable, allowing you to receive and make calls within the US and Canada. This advancement in technology through the Ymax Corporation is sure to be the next best seller in the world of VoIP.


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