A Femtocell is a small base station, like a 3G or a wi-fi access point, specifically designed for cell phones. The device is used to boost cellular reception indoors and allows for a lower monthly bill for both consumers and cell users. As a phone call is being made from your cell phone, it is then redirected to the Femtocell, which is routed through your high-speed internet connection and from there is redistributed back to the cellular network. Above all it allows people to set up a Femtocell network in areas that were typically a dead zone for service prior, enabling you to gain greater clarity with your indoor calls.

A Femtocell is a cost-effective way to reduce your static and gain the cellular service that your cellular provider can’t always offer. It allows unlimited minutes and is traditionally going to lower your monthly bill since it enables the cellular providers to defer the traffic that causes poor reception, eliminating the cost for more ineffective cell towers. Another advantage of using a Femtocell within your home involves better data bandwidth performance which results in a superior experience with music, photos, and live video on your cell phone.

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