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Betamax is a European provider of low-cost and free international VoIP service. Betamax operates with many different names and websites, but all their websites offer the same, difficult-to-understand international VoIP service.

Betamax also registers many of its domains with the name Dellmont Sàrl, a Luxembourg-based company that is associated with Betamax.

Betamax offers an arcane version of free calling. After the initial set of free international minutes, you must register a credit card or bank account information to receive additional calling credits for 300 minutes or so of "free calling" every week. Oh yeah - you do have to deposit 10 Euro to get that free credit. And after 90-120 days of inactivity, your 10€ credit will expire.

While Betamax VoIP appears a decent and cheap international VoIP provider, Betamax customers have reported billing problems and made accusations of fraud against the provider.

The different Betamax VoIP websites frequently present different prices for each country, which puts the burden on the customer to find the best rate for each individual country.

Betamax Price Comparison

For this reason, several people have made tables for Betamax VoIP price comparison across all the websites. Betamax price comparison involves listing every known Betamax VoIP site and rates for every destination it offers. Often, one Betamax site will have a special low rate for specific countries for new users only. Other websites will have specials for different countries.

Betamax Blogs

You can use this page to find our blogs about Betamax, a VoIP provider based out of Germany that offers many low-cost and free VoIP services.

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