SparVoIP - even more serious Skype competition

27 January 2006,

SparVoip - yet another new budget VoIP provider from Betamax in Germany was launched today providing Skype with even further competion with their offer of free calls to a range of 35 popular destinations and now with free VoIP-In numbers from a selection of 9 countries.

SparVoIP adds to the growing list of VoIP providers belonging to or associated with the Betamax (Germany) / Finera (Switzerland) group of companies. Only as late as December 2005 they launched VoipStunt in Germany offering a very similar deal with free calls to 39 Destinations.

The other companies in this group are VoipBuster, VoipCheap, Netappel, Sip Discount and with their combined force are attracting a large amount of customers, with many lured away from current VoIP providers.

Only a few months ago many skeptics queried their business model as no business does anything for free, but it seems like their marketing model is working with calls to free destinations being subsidized by their other call rates. The quality of their call rates also seems to be acceptable with few complaints on various forums around the world.

Time will tell if SparVoip and the other business models succeed and in the mean time we all wait in anticipation of new launches.

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