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Yeigo re-invents the way you communicate by leveraging the latest technologies and techniques to deliver voice and SMS messaging services more affordably then ever.

Calls from your mobile to other people using Yeigo are FREE and not charged for at all. You can also call any person not on Yeigo at any destination in the world and get major cost savings of up to 80%. You can also send cheap SMS messages to any destination and gain major cost savings of up to 90%. In later releases, you will be able to send free SMS messages to other people also using Yeigo.Yeigo is a cutting-edge, innovative, VoIP software solution that can easily be downloaded to your phone and integrates itself fully with your mobile handset, so you can make calls as seamlessly as before.

All you need is to have Yeigo on a compatible mobile phone that has a Wi-Fi, GPRS/EDGE or 3G data connection.

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