Provider Summary

Apart from lower rates for
Telkom and Mobile Calls you will get paid rebates on calls received from Telkom or the
cellular operators. You will receive 20c per minute for every Telkom call they receive
and 40c per minute for each mobile call. One of the major advantages of the Vox ADSL
Phone offering is that it can be used on both the Telkom and Vox networks. This means
that local calls can still be made via the Telkom network to maximize savings.
The service has an upfront subscription, courier and setup charge of R 300-00
after which a single monthly fee of R 49-00 is levied which covers phone rental
and a subscription charge. The R 49-00 per month covers the rental of the fixed
line VoIP Phone / WiFi ADSL Router worth R 3 000-00, a lightning protection unit,
an 087 telephone number, insurance and delivery. This is a month-to-month service
which does not force subscribers to sign a long term contract.

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