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VoIP G&MS is a low-cost replacement for your traditional phone lines. Instead of using the traditional phone lines, VoIP G&MS utilizes your Internet connection in order to make quality phone calls, Free Pc to PC, PC to Phone, Phone to Phone, Video and Conference Calls, and great features such as Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Fax to E-mail, Email to Fax, Voice mail, Gateways, SMS worldwide and real time monitoring of all calls made. VoIP G&MS gives you possibility to talk via the phone absolutely for free when using our network, because all calls between our subscribers are free of charge regardless of their duration and destination.Developed to facilitate our customers, you can now make and receive calls, send SMS, listen to your voice mail, receive faxes, and conduct conference and video calls wherever you are.Our Virtual Office service: VoIP G&MS offers you the possibility to have access to your companys documentation from anywhere in the world.Now it is not required pay all costs for maintaining of an office: monthly rent, consumables, fax and copiers, telephone systems, paper, toner, etc. Subscribing for some or all of the Virtual Office services, you take all advantage of the internet telephony. We also offer possibility for profitable business with minimum investment.If you are looking for a correct, flexible and reliable partner for your existing VoIP business... We will offer you the best quality service with especial discounts and many features... and more... our proposal will be adapted depending on your particular needs and preferences!We focus on:-Reseller programs-Volume based rates plans-Call Shop application-Serving already 29 resellers in 28 countries

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