Provider Summary

***Nergy Telecom is a leading European provider of high quality telecommunications services.
Employing latest advanced technology and innovations Nergy Telecom offers a variety of products and solutions that allow individuals and businesses around the world to start a telecom business or to expand an existing one. Nergy Telecom - headquarted in Paris, France- is operating on the telecom market since 2002.

Nergy Telecom provides the following services:
Direct Dial calls with Toll Free or local access number; Direct Dial calls with local access number connected to a VoIP gateway; Direct Dial calls with local GSM access number connected to VoIP GSM Gateway; Callback calls with International Dedicated Trigger Number; Callback calls with International Trigger Number based on CLI (ANI) authentication; Callback calls with local GSM trigger number based on CLI (ANI) authentication; PC-to-Phone calls.

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