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With Global Village, you can make FREE calls to Global Village users and most other VoIP users anywhere in the world

How much does it cost to belong to Global Village? Absolutely nothing. There is no monthly fee and there is never a charge for calling another Global Village member or other VoIP number or for receiving a VoIP call from anyone.

Every call you make to another Global Village user is absolutely FREE. That is true whether you call around the corner or around the world. Every Global Village subscriber will have a unique 7 digit phone number. That's all you need to dial another Global Village user.

The Internet phone community is growing every day. Through Global Village, you can place free call to many other Internet phone users around the world. To dial another Internet service, you must first dial a �1�, then a 3-digit �area code� followed by the number on the other service. These �Internet area codes� are selected by each service and Global Village connects you.

Global Village lets you make low-cost calls to any phone anywhere in the world, even if it is only connected to the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). You can opt for a plan with absolutely no monthly commitment where you pay only for calls you make. Or US customers can opt for an unlimited US calls plan with a flat rate monthly fee. 

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