Provider Summary

Thanks to the high level experience of its managers and to the team of young and qualified engineers, CIT SA wants to place itself as a new reference in the world of innovative communications solutions providers.Managers� experience, strengthened by long periods of work in TLC world, allows to CIT SA to have privileged and exclusive partnership with some of the more important telephone Carrier.

CIT SA also suggests to you to try its IP PBX, voipEntity. It is based on Linux - Asterisk architecture. Ideal for the requirements of SoHo customers.

In CIT SA there are two key-words: flexibility and innovation. Thanks to ability and preparation of the engineers, CIT SA can boast a complete know how of the new technologies. The development of VoIP gives us the chance to propose innovative services to the customers, like call-back, calls by web and pc. All this, without losing reliability and without having to support excessive costs.

CIT SA is enrolled as telecommunications service provider at the Federal Office of Communications of the Swiss Confederation.

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