Best International VoIP Services of 2020

You can save a lot of money on international calling if you choose a VoIP provider. International VoIP calls are routed through IP addresses rather than phone company networks, so an international VoIP call is always a local call.

Comparing international VoIP calling rates

Back in the ‘90s, the traditional phone company would route calls through their local network. If you needed to call long distance, the company would pay an access fee to send your call to a network in that long distance location, which translates into a long distance fee for you. VoIP has eliminated this middleman by calling through computers rather than phone networks.

International VoIP calling works the same way. Calls are routed via computer from your country to the international destination. The only cost incurred is the fee charged by the country, which is why per minute international fees vary so much.

You are more likely to find cheaper VoIP rates in better developed nations such as the UK or Sweden; often, these calls cost just pennies per minute. Calling countries in Africa tends to be more expensive. So the first thing to consider where you’re calling. VoIP rates may be higher or lower compared to other countries, depending on where you want to call.

VoIP providers charge similar international calling rates, but it is worth comparing the different providers’ international voip rates to your country of choice - occasionally you will find a cheaper rate from a different provider. International Rates can also change, all the time.

If you only need to make a short call, or you’re ok with being tied to a PC for calling, a free VoIP provider may be a better plan. Services like Skype allow free PC-to-PC video calling. The drawback is the other person needs to have a Skype account as well and have access to their PC at the time of your call. Other free providers allow for a capped number of minutes to dial international telephone numbers.

Consider an international VoIP calling plan

Some VoIP service providers offer ways around per minute usage charges for international calls. Phone Power gives you 60 free international minutes to call over 55 countries worldwide. That may not be the best plan for you, though if you need more than 60 minutes a month.

Other providers, like ITP offer unlimited international calling plans. ITP’s is an excellent deal for the frequent international caller. For $24.99 a month, you get unlimited international VoIP calling to 60 countries worldwide. Just verify that the countries you want to call are included in the plan- otherwise you’ll still be billed on a per minute rate.

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