Home Telephone System

A home telephone system is the setup that allows you to make phone calls. It can have virtual or hardware equipment. VoIP services offer complete home phone systems with more features than traditional landline setups.

With VoIP phone systems, you can do more.

Features of a home telephone system with VoIP

  • two phone lines
  • softphone
  • wired or wireless
  • powers all your phones

Many VoIP home phone services offer a free second phone line in their plans.

An Internet adapter plugs two phones into one adapter, so two people can use a home phone system. These two phone lines can work as extensions of a single number or as separate phone numbers.

The two line cannot interact unless you have 3-way calling (they’re separate phone lines); many plans do offer 3-way calling.

Some VoIP services offer a softphone as part of a home phone system. A softphone is a program that allows you to make calls from your computer.

VoIP Hardware

VoIP can work with multiple phone types.For example, you can have a hands-free wireless headset, a wireless handset, or a conventional handset with an ethernet connector.

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A wireless telephone system is most convenient for a home telephone system. With a wireless system, all telephones in your home connect to a base phone. The base plugs into the phone line and powers all the other telephones. It’s just like a landline wireless phone system—but it uses VoIP.

Wired handsets are also possible. Similar to wireless, a wired home phone system has a base that all other phones connect to. You can extend your system to all your wired phones by using wireless phone jacks.

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Business VoIP for Home

If you telecommute, business VoIP is a great choice. Residential VoIP providers rarely let you use their system for business purposes since that requires more bandwidth or minutes. On the flip side, you can use business VoIP for residential calls all you want.

A home phone system on business VoIP is perfect for the home office. As explained above, there are different options for VoIP hardware. This is where headsets really come in handy. Juggling phones and keyboards (possibly silverware and laundry) is not conducive for business. A wireless system can also ease the jumble of wires in the office.

If you get a plan with 2 lines, one could act as your business phone and the other could be reserved for residential calls.

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