Wireless VoIP makes a move

07 March 2007

To VoIP or not to VoIP? That's the question many organisations are grappling with these days. And for some, adding wireless VoIP (voice over Wi-Fi or VoWi-Fi) into the corporate mix is a key ingredient.

IP telephony offers companies the ability to maintain an increasingly mobile workforce, while attaining productivity boosts and big cost savings on long distance calls. Many firms are also seeing improved connectivity and productivity as part of the overall strategy of integrating voice, data and Internet access. For several companies with existing PABX leases, the transition to IP-based technology is not a current reality.

However, times are changing. The use of the technology within the office is becoming more compelling - and VoIP is the precursor of VoWi-Fi. In vertical markets such as retail, many grocery stores are converting entirely to wireless IP voice.

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