Lufthansa to add in-flight broadband by 2008 for long-hauls

1 August 2007

Lufthansa is
apparently continuing the airborne scramble to get customers connected,
announcing that with the help of T-Mobile it will be reinstating its
broadband service (formerly from Connexion) to its long-haul flights by 2008.

While other airlines throughout Europe are racing to offer in-flight calling
for shorter trips, Lufthansa says that "the vast majority told us they
don't want this feature," which makes sense, since no one likes a
loud-talker in an enclosed space. Instead, the Cologne-based company is
rolling out a service which will allow broadband connections for
laptops, text-messaging on phones, and wireless email (and data, we
assume) on hand-helds, similar to recent offerings we've seen from other carriers.

Of course, Lufthansa's passengers could still be annoyed by chatter if
someone gets clever and decides to rock Skype on a trans-atlantic trip
-- unless the airline has plans for blocking VoIP. Only they know for


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