Vodafone flat rate data boost

01 June 2007

Vodafone mobile customers in the UK can from
today enjoy a new flat rate data bundle that, from £7.50 a month,
allows users up to 120MB of data usage.

The deal is part of a widespread revamp of Vodafone's consumer

data offerings and its Vodafone live mobile internet portal. This was

first flagged up
at the end of April. Vodafone customers who don't sign up to a monthly
bundle added to their tariff can still use up to 15MB of data a day for
£1 under the new pricing regime.

Vodafone's new data offering matches on price the existing flat rate

Web'n'walk mobile data deal from

. Although T-Mobile allows users up to 1GB a month of data. T-Mobile
also has a £1 per day price cap on data usage for all its customers.

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