VoIP goes cellular, but not mobile

11 December 2006

Just as the World Wide Web has Web 2.0 - which has brought us blogs, MySpace, YouTube, etc - VoIP is promising to bring us "Voice 2.0" (as Iotum co-founder and CEO Alec Saunders called it in last year's Voice 2.0 Manifesto).

Simply put, Voice 2.0 is the promise of voice being just another network app made good. It's not just about carriers adopting VoIP services but integrating voice into the Web to the point where the value isn't in the meter, but in the voice app itself, thanks to protocols like VoiceXML, SIP and SALT, as well as elements like presence and directories. Think of Skype being incorporated into eBay, and you'll get an idea of where this is going.

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