US homes rely more on mobile phones than PSTN lines

29 August 2007

It's no surprise that landline usage is on the decline.

The New York Times recently reported on a survey conducted by Mediamark Research,
a firm that specializes in consumer trends, which revealed that 14
percent of adults in the United States live in a house that relies
strictly on cellphones as opposed to telephone lines for
communications. That number tops, for the first time, the number of
landline-only households. It also reported that 86.2 percent of U.S.
households have at least one
cellphone, as opposed to 84.5 percent of households that have a

A similar Mediamark Research report done in 2004
revealed that just 8 percent of adults relied on cellphones alone,
which was up from 4.2 percent in the Spring of 2000. What we see here
is an increase of about a percentage point a year through 2004, and
then an average of 2 percent a year from 2004 until 2007. 

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