Truphone Mobile Voip (beta)

09 October 2006

List price: Free downoload, with call charges

Pros: Very good introductory rates; good integration with native Nokia dialler and Wi-Fi functions, easy to use

Cons: Only available on Nokia E-series, requires some Wi-Fi security understanding

Buying advice: Anyone with a Nokia E-series phone and Wi-Fi in their home or office, should try Truphone. Business travellers who know they have free Wi-Fi where they are going to should consider it, even if it means changing their phone. This service does a lot to make us believe in mobile VoIP, thanks to good integration on a decent phone platform.

Within the last year or so, the idea of VoIP services running on a mobile phone, that use Wi-Fi and the Internet has been given a lot of coverage. So much so, that there is now a bit of a backlash against it.

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