Trademark dispute could further delay Apple iPhone in Canada

11 October 2007

A dispute between Apple Inc. and Toronto-based Comwave Telecom Inc. over the Canadian trademark rights to the name "iPhone" has yet to be resolved, adding another barrier to the launch of Apple's next-generation handheld device north of the border.

Comwave, which markets a collection of voice-over-internet services and products under the name iPhone, has filed its opposition with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, or CIPO, to Apple's trademark application for the proposed use of a handheld and mobile device called the iPhone in Canada.

The dispute, currently under review, could further delay the Canadian arrival of the Apple iPhone handset with a touchscreen interface, sleek design and both Wi-Fi and cellular service that has already sold over one million units in the United States since its launch in June. It will hit store shelves in Britain and Germany in time for the holiday season.

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