The 3 Skypephone: a review

02 December 2007

If youve ever wished Skype could truly be mobile, on a dedicatedmobile Skype phone that worked just like Skype on your desktop, the 3Skypephone has arrived to make your wishes come true!

Skype, the worlds most popular Internet phone call software, havingmade online calling as simple and reliable as text messaging, hasalready gone mobile some time ago.

Mobile clients for Windows Mobile, Symbian and other platforms, alongwith cordless Wi-Fi and DECT phones for use in the home, office or athotspots for Wi-Fi models, has been possible not just with Skype, but arange of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol, or Internet phone)programs.

But Skype is the most popular of them all, with more than 200m users,and in all the time it has faithfully rendered us all the service offree phone calls between Skype users and very inexpensive calls, inmost cases, to real phones, there has only been one major outage, anexcellent record compared with traditional phone companies over theyears. 

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