T-Mobile offers landline VoIP

25 February 2008

Last week, T-Mobile added to its HotSpot @Home portfolio a VoIP-basedwireline service called Talk Forever Home Phone, released in Seattleand Dallas. The service lets customers make unlimited calls from theirhome phone. T-Mobile's HotSpot @Home portfolio was launched nationwidein June 2007, when the company rolled out a Wi-Fi-based add-on servicefor its mobile subscribers (priced at $10 a month). The latest servicealso marks T-Mobiles entry into the landline market with a VoIPservice targeting T-Mobile cellular customers who have a broadbandconnection and who still want to use a landline voice service at home.The HotSpot @Home service provides unlimited mobile calling from anyT-Mobile Hotspot and open Wi-Fi networks - including home andoffice-based Wi-Fi routers connected to the Internet.

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