Skype Goes Mobile

18 October 2007

Skype's new cell phone will deliver mobile access to its service. The beleaguered carrier hopes to jump-start revenues overseas

Bit by bit, big names in the computing world are barging into the cell-phone business. First came Apple's  game-changing iPhone. Next came word that Google is creating its own software platform for a new breed of cell phones. Now Skype, which popularized free and cheap phone calls over the Internet, is set
to launch a customized cell phone developed jointly with 3 Mobile, a
wireless carrier in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Code-named the "white phone," the Skype handset will be introduced
by late October in Britain, Italy, Hong Kong, and Australia, and will
reach 3's other five markets later, BusinessWeek
has learned. There are no immediate plans to bring the device to North
America, though the companies may try to license it to other carriers
or sell versions straight to consumers for them to use on other

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