Do mobile operators fear a Skype out?

08 November 2007

If there's one word that is used a lot in the technology world it's 'disruptive'. Every time a new product or service arrives on the scene, the aim is to have a disruptive effect on the marketplace. This means shaking things up and winning market share. And for third-generation mobile operator 3, which currently has less than a 3pc revenue share of the Irish mobile market, the companys alliance with internet voice telephony player Skype may or may not be the breakthrough it fervently wishes for.

In recent weeks Skype forged a global pact with 3, which is owned by Hong Kong-based conglomerate Hutchison Whampoa, to introduce free voice over internet (VoIP) calls on specially manufactured 3 mobile phones.

For Dutchman Michael van Swaaij, CEO of Skype, it is also a breakthrough of sorts. A lot of mobile operators have been extremely reluctant to allow Skype near phones because of all the obvious fears.

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