45 Million 3G Subscribers in European Union - report

02 April 2007

European consumers continue to benefit from lower prices and innovative services as a result of good progress in the implementation of Europe's telecoms rules. However for consumers and providers to reap the full benefits of Europe's internal market, more competition, a more consistent and speedy application of remedies and regulators that are more independent are necessary, says the European Commission's 12th report on the EU's telecom markets, issued last Friday.

"The opening of telecom markets to competition is certainly one of the EU's success stories as can be seen by the downward trend in tariffs and better services. However, whilst 2.3% growth of the sector and 5% additional investment are good, they are not good enough in times when Europe's competitiveness is a stake." commented Viviane Reding, EU Commissioner for Telecommunications. "This is why this year's reform of the EU's telecom rules must focus regulation on those key bottlenecks where competition is still not effective. In a sector where technology transcends national borders, regulators should pave the way for pan-European economies of scale that are in the interests of both operators and consumers."

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