iiNet signs 10,000 subscribers to VoIP service

23 November, 2005 - iiNet Limited (ASX: IIN) today announced that its new Voice over Internet
Protocol (VoIP) service, has attracted over 10,000 subscribers in less than three months since its
launch. Called iinetphone, the service enables customers to save money by making and receiving
calls via the Internet instead of over the traditional copper telephone network.
Launched on August 29, 2005, iinetphone is available to new and existing iiNet and OzEmail
customers and has no monthly rental fee and low cost call rates. Bundled with a broadband and
phone service from iiNet or OzEmail -- the new VoIP service provides customers with an additional
phone number for premium-grade Internet-based calls at substantially lower rates.
Customers have reported significant call savings and enjoy very high call clarity from iinetphone -
a problem with some earlier and "free" VoIP offerings.
"I use iinetphone to make local calls and many international calls to family and friends in Spain,
Canada and Chile," said Juan Rojas, iinetphone customer since early September 2005. "I have
saved almost 50 percent on my phone bill by using this VoIP service over my regular landline."
Under an exclusive arrangement with Belkin, a technology leader for computer and consumer
electronics, iiNet is providing leading VoIP-enabled modems/routers and ATAs to help customers
easily set up their VoIP service.
"I use a Belkin ATA connected to the modem, which is connected to an ordinary phone," noted Mr.
Rojas. "And, there is no difference in the call quality for a VoIP call compared to my usual
iiNet also welcomed yesterday's release of the Australian Government's report into the policy and
regulatory implications of VoIP services.
"We welcome Senator Coonan's comments supporting VoIP services and the need to ensure the
regulatory environment does not inhibit its development, and that a competitive communications
environment is promoted," said Steve Dalby, General Manager, Regulatory Affairs, iiNet Limited.
Currently about 180 customers sign up for iinetphone each day highlighting the growing interest in
innovative, high quality, bundled solutions from iiNet

For more information on iiNet's iinetphone service including call cost calculators to estimate
average call savings, please visit:

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