"iBlue" Mac mini/iPod shuffle IP-PBX combo

17 October 2006

If you've been looking for an IP-PBX solution for your biz but have been dissatisfied by the lack of potential lawsuit-inducing options, then Berlin-based 4S newcom GmbH may have just the gear for ya. It's newly announced "iBlue" is an IP-PBX system consisting of the company's own 4S IP PBX software, a Mac mini, and an iPod shuffle, which should be enough to get you up and running with some SIP-based VoIP in no time. The shuffle part of the equation is unfortunately less exciting than you may think, with the now-dated player simply serving as a glorified software-delivery device -- though as our pal Om says, it sure helps grab some attention. Sweeting the deal, 4S is also throwing in five snom300 VoIP phones, with the software licensed for up to 250 users and 30 parallel calls. If that works for ya, you'll be able to grab an iBlue for a cool €3,000 Euro when it launches November 6th.



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