Zultys Launches WiFi VoIP Phone

Monday 1st August 2005, IT-Analysis.com

Written By: Tony Lock

Copyright © 2005 Bloor Research

are few areas of IT that are currently generating as much interest as
Voice over IP (VoIP). Indeed, the level of attention on VoIP stretches
from individuals through to enterprises of all sizes - from the
smallest to the positively gigantic. VoIP is clearly an area where
almost any announcement will find an audience ready and willing to be
fascinated. More importantly, it is a space where interest is being
converted to purchases. Last week, Zultys Technologies, a
well-established supplier of VoIP solutions, warmed the pot even
further when it added the element of WiFi to the mix.

Zultys Technologies announced the launch of the WIP 2 wireless IP
phone. The new handset supplies very similar functionality of its
established desktop IP phone range, including the ZIP 2, but in a
mobile design that utilizes the connectivity established by the
ever-growing numbers of wireless networks - commonly called WiFi. It is
expected that the WIP 2 handsets will hit the street in full
distribution by November this year.

The company has addressed the key question of battery life for the
portable handset, which it is claimed can give up to four hours of talk
time and twelve hours of standby time between charges. The handset is
consequently a little larger than a cell phone in order to handle the
battery capacity, but it is in line with standard DECT devices.


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