The iPhone, in 20 questions

25 June 2007

1. What makes an iPhone distinctive?

A: It is a full-featured music and video player that
can place and receive calls and, unlike most smartphones, it lacks a
physical keypad or keyboard. Instead, it uses on-screen touch-sensitive
typing and can interpret finger gestures, like spreading or pinching,
into actions such as zooming out or zooming in.

2. What are five things it can do?

A: Make and receive calls. Surf the Web with a real
browser. Play music, movies and video and stream YouTube videos.
Visually display voice-mail messages, which can be played back
individually in any order. Display rich HTML e-mail.

3. Who provides the phone service?

A: AT&T (formerly Cingular Wireless). It has an exclusive deal with Apple for an unprecedented five years.

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