SpeedVoIP Debuts VoIP Anti-blocking in Dubai

18 October 2007

As VoIP business users in Dubai are being blocked. Many users areturning to VPN solutions to allow the ability to use VoIP and getaround the current blocking issue. This however is an expensive andunnecessary solution with SpeedVoIP Technology. To resolve thissituation, SpeedVoIP has released it's new solution for Voip Blockingcalled VGCP (VoiceGuard Control Protocol).

In todays market, VoIP for business has become more and more popular and necessary than ever before.

Dubai has become a big market, many big companies need to openbranch offices in the UAE allowing more profit and larger marketaccess. Technology Issues become apparent during this process that cancripple communications for that company. The primary communicationsissues are with VOIP blocking policies implemented in Dubai.

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